And they lived happily ever after...

Ori's guide to getting adopted

I was surrendered to CAT 1977 Leeds along with my two brothers, being in the pen was a little scary but my fosterer waited on me hand and foot and I soon settled.

It wasn't long before I was offered a new home, I mean, who could resist my charm?

My new home came with a new big sister! So exciting! I'm not sure she felt the same way though. My new owners were brilliant, and made sure the introduction was slow and stress free and now she definitely loves me too!

After a few weeks, I was soon feeling right at home. I discovered that the best way to make sure you get plenty of cuddles is to hang out with your tum out!

Getting a new home is brilliant but it can be a bit daunting so it's important to take it slowly. I'm so relaxed now, I love my new family and they love me. My brothers were also really lucky and found a new home together!

Thomas and Sweepy are absolutely loving life in their new home. 

It took a while for these two bonded siblings to be adopted, but boy did they land on their feet when their perfect new owner picked them to join their family!

Every single cat deserves a loving new home and to be just as lucky as Thomas and Sweepy.

Lola - living it up

She was soon snapped up by her new family. She now likes to spend her days cuddling with big brother Reggie, exploring the garden and making sure she has everyone wrapped round her paw.

Lola was found in a garden in Leeds at a very young age. She came into foster care where her cuteness and sassy personality made everyone fall in love.