And they lived happily ever after...

Josh finds a new home and a new name

Josh was one of a litter of kittens looking for a new home. He caught the eyes of a wonderful family who thought he might be the perfect fit for their home. Josh found himself adopted and getting christened with a new name - Kylo. 


This is definitely not a trap...

Kylo also found himself with two new siblings. To start with, he was a little shy but his new owners carefully and slowly introduced him; scent swapping and taking it at Kylo's pace. 

Soon Kylo realised his new siblings were actually great fun (although his big sister Quorra will insist on cleaning behind his ears!) His big brother Flynn is a blast, he's great fun to run around the house with! 

Kylo 3.jpeg
Kylo 2.jpeg

Relaxing after a hard day playing with his big brother and sister.

Ginny lands on her feet

Ginny 2.jpeg
Ginny 3.jpeg

Gorgeous Ginny found a wonderful new home where she can be the centre of attention, with those wonderful big eyes she is a stunning cat. Here is what her new owner had to say:

'I was looking to adopt my first cat and Ginny is the perfect match. She is a big cuddle bug full of love and has slowly become my little shadow. She's such a talkative cat and full of character but also loves nothing more than a snooze on your lap. Her favourite things include: chasing toys, head scritches and cheese dreamies. Number one priority is making sure ALL comfy snooze spots have been found and thoroughly tested! I'm glad that she's settled in so well - she's great!'

Ori's guide to getting adopted

I was surrendered to CAT 1977 Leeds along with my two brothers, being in the pen was a little scary but my fosterer waited on me hand and foot and I soon settled.

Ori foster.jpg

It wasn't long before I was offered a new home, I mean, who could resist my charm?

My new home came with a new big sister! So exciting! I'm not sure she felt the same way though. My new owners were brilliant, and made sure the introduction was slow and stress free and now she definitely loves me too!

Ori and Milly.jpg
Ori Chilled.jpg

After a few weeks, I was soon feeling right at home. I discovered that the best way to make sure you get plenty of cuddles is to hang out with your tum out!

Ori Relaxed.jpg

Getting a new home is brilliant but it can be a bit daunting so it's important to take it slowly. I'm so relaxed now, I love my new family and they love me. My brothers were also really lucky and found a new home together!

Charlie 2.jpeg

Charlie is living the dream

Charlie definitely fell on his feet with his new owners. Here is what they have to say about him:

'We fell in love with Charlie and his chubby cheeks before we'd even met him. He has settled into our home really well; he likes to loaf around and always wants to be part of the action! He's a very playful boy and loves his toys. Charlie loves his food and comes running when we shake the bag of Dreamies...

We are so happy that we adopted Charlie - he brings us so much joy everyday!'

What a wonderful happy ending.

Thomas and Sweepy are absolutely loving life in their new home. 

It took a while for these two bonded siblings to be adopted, but boy did they land on their feet when their perfect new owner picked them to join their family!

Every single cat deserves a loving new home and to be just as lucky as Thomas and Sweepy.

Thomas and Sweepy.jpg

Lola - living it up

She was soon snapped up by her new family. She now likes to spend her days cuddling with big brother Reggie, exploring the garden and making sure she has everyone wrapped round her paw.

Lola and Reggie.jpg

Lola was found in a garden in Leeds at a very young age. She came into foster care where her cuteness and sassy personality made everyone fall in love.

Max is a very lucky cat indeed. 

Max came into our care needing a lot of TLC, he was in quite a bad condition (absolutely filthy and in need of a good bath would be an understatement!) He was always a very sweet cat but it took months before he was adopted, unfortunately he was returned to us as he did not get on with the other cat in the household. Max had also put on a bit of weight in his time in foster care and he needed a home which could help him lose his extra weight (he will tell you that he is just big boned though!)

He was thankfully soon snapped up and found himself in the perfect home, he has even got himself a BFF (best feline forever). The moral of this story is that sometimes it can take a while to find that perfect home but we never give up on our cats and there is always a happy ending waiting out there somewhere.

Max 1.jpg

Max, when he first arrived in our care


Max in his new home with his BFF

Charlie 3.jpeg
Charlie 2.jpeg

Charlie lands on her feet

Gorgeous Charlie is FIV positive, this means that she has a condition called feline immunodeficiency virus, in its most simple terms, it causes a weakened immune system meaning that they are more prone to other infections and problems. Rehoming a cat with FIV can be difficult but thankfully Charlie found the perfect new home. 

Having FIV means that she'll need to be kept indoors and her condition monitored over the years, it is certainly not a death sentence and cats with the condition can live healthy lives for years. 

Charlie has settled in so well in her new home, apparently she's the Queen of the household but her new family don't mind at all. She sleeps on their bed at night and has started curling up on their knees for cuddles. Turns out that Charlie is a total lovebug!