Here you'll find our cats that have been in foster care for over 6 months. Some may be a little more timid, some may need a more experienced owner and some, quite frankly, we have no idea why they are overlooked. 

Please take the time to check out some of our cats who really do deserve a loving home.

Tilly and Missy.jpg

Tilly & Missy

We're looking for a very special home for these two cats. 

Tilly is the beautiful tabby and white cat, she is a timid cat but does enjoy a gentle stroke. Missy is the black and white cat, she is a little more independent but will happily take a treat or two or three or four!

The reason we want a special home for these two (apart from the fact that they are very special cats and deserve the best!) is that they are currently timid cats and they'll need a patient owner who understands that they'll need a bit of time to settle. An experienced owner would be brilliant for these two very special little cats. 

All about Tilly and Missy:

AGE: Young adults

SEX: Female



Rory & Fergus.jpg

Rory & Fergus

These two dapper gentlemen are Rory and Fergus. They came into our care when their owner sadly passed away, they are brothers who would love to find a new home together. 

Rory is the mainly ginger cat, he's a quiet, cautious cat but once he puts his trust in you he's wonderfully friendly and sweet. Fergus is a little more outgoing, like a toddler he'll tap your arm repeatedly until you give him some attention!

Rory and Fergus will be having a little dental work (got to keep those Hollywood smiles in good order!) and then they'll be ready to find a home together.

These two are ridiculously handsome cats and they are going to make someone wonderfully happy. 

All about Rory and Fergus:

AGE: 3 years

SEX: Male