Here you'll find our cats and kittens needing homes, you can enquire about the cats by clicking on the Adopt Me buttons. Please be aware that we will ask for your address, details as to whether you own the property or rent and whether you have other pets and children. We do this because we want to ensure you adopt the right cat for your circumstances, we will carry out a house check and we never rehome to a property on a busy street. 

We ask for a minimum donation of £100 per cat or kitten, every cat we rehome will be neutered, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and had a course of flea treatment and wormers.

Our volunteer fosterers put a lot of love in getting our cats and kittens ready for their new homes and finding them the perfect one is so rewarding. So have a scroll though, we'll have the purrfect cat for you!

Tilly and Missy.jpg

Tilly & Missy

We're looking for a very special home for these two cats. 

Tilly is the beautiful tabby and white cat, she is a timid cat but does enjoy a gentle stroke. Missy is the black and white cat, she is a little more independent but will happily take a treat or two or three or four!

The reason we want a special home for these two (apart from the fact that they are very special cats and deserve the best!) is that they are currently timid cats and they'll need a patient owner who understands that they'll need a bit of time to settle. An experienced owner would be brilliant for these two very special little cats. 

All about Tilly and Missy:

AGE: Young adults

SEX: Female





This is Bingo, so called because she was found outside a Mecca Bingo, she's a rather dapper little tabby who is looking for a new home. So knock at the door and jump and jive if this is the cat for you. Bingo enjoys a stroke but in true cat fashion, only for an undisclosed number of times and then she'll let you know she's had enough! Bingo doesn't get on with other cats and she is not suitable for a home with young children. She is however, exceedingly good at making sure your clean washing doesn't get away!

If you've not quite got a full house, which is unlucky for some, then get up and run to adopt this little cat!

All about Bingo:

AGE: 3-5 years old

SEX: Female



Rory & Fergus.jpg

Rory & Fergus

These two dapper gentlemen are Rory and Fergus. They came into our care when their owner sadly passed away, they are brothers who would love to find a new home together. 

Rory is the mainly ginger cat, he's a quiet, cautious cat but once he puts his trust in you he's wonderfully friendly and sweet. Fergus is a little more outgoing, like a toddler he'll tap your arm repeatedly until you give him some attention!

Rory and Fergus will be having a little dental work (got to keep those Hollywood smiles in good order!) and then they'll be ready to find a home together.

These two are ridiculously handsome cats and they are going to make someone wonderfully happy. 

All about Rory and Fergus:

AGE: 3 years

SEX: Male




Heidi and Esme.jpg

Heidi & Esme

These two cats are Esme and Heidi, they are absolutely beautiful cats but due to a very tough start to life they are a little wary of people. They have been in foster care for a while now and are very slowly starting to trust again however, at the moment they are not keen on being handled. We did consider whether they would need an outdoor home however, they absolutely love being inside, they are relaxed and happy when they are in a calm home situation. We absolutely want to find them a home indoors.

They are neutered but as to yet they have not been vaccinated or microchipped, this is because we don’t want to cause them stress and set them back as they are making good progress. So, we’re looking for a home that will adopt them and understand that they will take time to settle, they’ll need a very patient and calm household.

Esme and Heidi are beautiful cats, they will play and get into mischief and we’re confident that they will grow into fantastic companions. They are only around 2-3 years old so have a full life ahead of them.

Once they have settled, they will be able to go to our vets for vaccinations and microchipping but until this point, they will need to be kept inside. The adoption process and minimum donation will be slightly different for these two cats so please get in touch for more information, their fosterer will also be able to tell you all about about their personalities. Even though they will need to be kept inside, we’ll look for that perfect home away from busy roads.

Please get in touch if you think you have space for these two girls in your heart.

All about Heidi & Esme:

AGE: 2-3 years

SEX: Female

VACCINATED & NEUTERED: not vaccinated but they are neutered




Marvellous Martha is looking for a new home, she's a sweet and very pretty cat. Initially she might be a bit shy but once she settles she's very friendly. 

Martha is a tortoiseshell cat, in Japan it is believed that tortoiseshell cats help protect the home from ghosts. In America, they are thought to bring good fortune whilst in England it is thought that rubbing a tortoiseshell cat's tail on your warts will cure them. We say, whatever floats your boat, all we know is that Martha is a very special little cat who would really like to find a loving home. We can't promise she'll cure your warts or bring you lots of money but we can promise she'll bring you loads of joy. 

All about Martha:

AGE: 4 years

SEX: Female