Here you'll find our cats and kittens needing homes, you can enquire about the cats by clicking on the Adopt Me buttons. Please be aware that we will ask for your address, details as to whether you own the property or rent and whether you have other pets and children. We do this because we want to ensure you adopt the right cat for your circumstances, we will carry out a house check and we never rehome to a property on a busy street. 

We ask for a minimum donation of £100 per cat or kitten, every cat we rehome will be neutered, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and had a course of flea treatment and wormers.

Our volunteer fosterers put a lot of love in getting our cats and kittens ready for their new homes and finding them the perfect one is so rewarding. So have a scroll though, we'll have the purrfect cat for you!

Tilly and Missy.jpg

Tilly & Missy

We're looking for a very special home for these two cats. 

Tilly is the beautiful tabby and white cat, she is a timid cat but does enjoy a gentle stroke. Missy is the black and white cat, she is a little more independent but will happily take a treat or two or three or four!

The reason we want a special home for these two (apart from the fact that they are very special cats and deserve the best!) is that they are currently timid cats and they'll need a patient owner who understands that they'll need a bit of time to settle. An experienced owner would be brilliant for these two very special little cats. 

All about Tilly and Missy:

AGE: Young adults

SEX: Female



Luna and Magic.jpeg

Luna and Magic

All about Luna and Magic:

AGE: 8 months

SEX: Male



Luna and Magic are two wonderful cats looking for a home together. They are brothers who were rescued together from a life on the streets, they are really very fond of each other so we will be rehoming them together. (We originally thought that Luna was a girl but we decided to keep the name as it does suit him!) They will need a quiet home as they are still a little timid so will require a patient owner but they are coming round nicely and enjoy a bit of gentle attention. We are confident that they will make lovely companions with a little patience and loads of love.



Meet Ted. Ted is fed up. Ted wants a new home.

Ted is a gorgeous cat, he is super friendly and sweet. He has FIV but this doesn't slow him down, he's simply looking for a nice home where he can relax, get cuddles on tap and of course food! He'll be suited to a quieter home.

Check out the information on FIV on our dedicated page.

All about Ted:

AGE: 5 years

SEX: Male





Marvellous Martha is looking for a new home, she's a sweet and very pretty cat. Initially she might be a bit shy but once she settles she's very friendly. 

Martha is a tortoiseshell cat, in Japan it is believed that tortoiseshell cats help protect the home from ghosts. In America, they are thought to bring good fortune whilst in England it is thought that rubbing a tortoiseshell cat's tail on your warts will cure them. We say, whatever floats your boat, all we know is that Martha is a very special little cat who would really like to find a loving home. We can't promise she'll cure your warts or bring you lots of money but we can promise she'll bring you loads of joy. 

All about Martha:

AGE: 4 years

SEX: Female



Rosie and Dom.jpg

Rosie & Dom

These two adorable little cats are looking for a home together. They are siblings who have had a tough start to life. They are looking for a quiet home without any children as they can still be timid but we're confident that with a patient owner they'll come out of their shells. 

Dom is the black and white cat, he has a super soft coat which is perfect for gentle strokes. We do have to admit that Dom has a problem... he's addicted to playing with a laser cat toy! That red dot is his nemesis! Dom loves perfecting his hunting skills but there's no need to worry as he makes the most ridiculously cute noise right before he pounces thus scaring that red dot off! 

Rosie is the more timid of the pair and she hasn't quite come round to cuddles yet but she also has a problem... she's addicted to cheese dreamies and will eat these out of your hand! 

These two really do deserve a home together, where with patience and love they'll make fantastic companions. 


All about Rosie and Dom:

AGE: 2 years

SEX: Male and female





You might think Juliet is looking for her Romeo, but actually, Juliet is simply looking for a loving forever home. She doesn't want loads of drama and long-winded sentences (no offence Shakespeare), she wants the simple life - cuddles, love, toys, and food. Juliet is a really sweet cat who wants a home more than anything.

All about Juliet:

AGE: 1 year

SEX: Female





Fifi 'The Mischief' Whiskerton is looking for a new home. She's a very cute little cat with absolutely oodles of personality (translation - she's an adorable rascal!) Fifi is full of energy and will really benefit from a home where she can get loads of attention and play time. Might also need a home with someone with eyes in the back of their head...

She truly is a fantastic cat and will make someone's life much more fun! 

All about Fifi:

AGE: 12 weeks

SEX: Female

VACCINATED & NEUTERED: Fifi is vaccinated, neutering will be covered as part of the adoption process


Ziggy and Star.jpg


Ziggy and Star

Anyone fancy a game of spot the difference?!

These two rather adorable cats are Ziggy and Star, they are bonded siblings so will be looking for a home together. Ziggy is, err, one of the cats on the left (don't worry, their fosterer can tell them apart!) he's the most confident of the two. Now we're not saying he's posh but he doesn't drink straight from the water bowl - he dips his paw in and drinks from that! Star is a little bit on the shy side at the moment but she is a really gentle cat. Don't be fooled though, they are both bundles of energy when it comes to playtime!

As they are long haired cats, they will need regular brushing to keep them tangle free.

All about Ziggy and Star:

AGE: 3 months

SEX: Male and female

VACCINATED & NEUTERED: They are vaccinated but neutering will be covered as part of the adoption process





The rather lovely Max is looking for a new home, as you can see, he's a very handsome chap who'll make a wonderful companion. Max is really friendly and so he'll be looking for a home where he can get plenty of cuddles. 

All about Max:

AGE: 9 months

SEX: Male



Lily, Cleo and Billy.jpg

Lily, Cleo & Billy

Now if you fancy a challenge, might we suggest you try and tell these three little cats apart?! Lily, Cleo and Billy are three adorable cats who are looking for a home. They will initially be a bit timid but once they get to know you they are simply the best. They really enjoy attention and are friendly little cats.

All about Lily, Cleo & Billy:

AGE: 1 years

SEX: 1x female, 2x males



Jake and Doyle.jpg

Jake and Doyle

These little kittens are to be rehomed together. First we'll introduce Jake, he's 9 weeks old and is a very sweet cat, he loves his food and likes to give kisses too (preferably not just after eating!), Jake is very playful. Next we have the very special Doyle, he's 15 weeks old but is the same size as Jake. Doyle was brought into the care of his fosterer at a young age, he was tiny and had basically given up on life. His amazing fosterer gave him all the love she had and fed him with a syringe to build up his strength. He has bounced back and whilst only small he is full of energy and life. 

All about Jake and Doyle:

AGE: 9 & 15 weeks

SEX: Male

VACCINATED & NEUTERED: Second vaccinations and neutering will be covered in the adoption process


Tiddles, Charlie. Daisy, Poppy.jpg

Tiddles, Charlie, Daisy & Poppy

This little family of cats are ready for new homes. 

First we'll introduce Tiddles, she's top right and is mum to the other three despite only being a baby herself as she's no older than one. Tiddles likes to demonstrate the correct way to make a cat loaf; it's all in the folding of the paws. She is really friendly and affectionate, and is super laid back.

Next we have Charlie, he's bottom left, he's basically a big fluff ball. He's full of energy and is very confident. 

Daisy is next, she's top left, she's a little more independent than the others but can often be found scaling the heights of her fosterer for attention.

Last but not least is Poppy, bottom right, she's the smallest of the bunch but makes up for this in playfulness and attitude - she likes nothing more than curling up in your lap for a nap. 

Ideally we'd like to rehome these four cats in pairs, unless someone fancies adopting a whole ready made family?! They are super cats, which is down to their rescuer and to their subsequent fosterer who have done a cracking job of raising them into fabulous felines. 

All about the fabulous four:

AGE: 1 year old mother and young kittens

SEX: Female and Male

VACCINATED & NEUTERED: Outstanding vaccinations and neutering to be covered as part of the adoption process