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We have over 21 long term foster cats in our care. These cats can not be rehomed due to life-long medical conditions which require ongoing vet care and medication. They remain in our care for the duration of their lives. By sponsoring a cat you will provide a warm home, medical care, food and lots of love 

Thanks to your sponsorship we can continue to be there for every cat who comes into our care, keeping them happy and comfortable.

Why Sponsor

Your kind sponsorship will have a huge impact on the lives of the cats you sponsor. They will help to provide:

  • a warm, happy and comfortable home

  • medical care

  • nutritious food

  • toys and games to help build confidence and trust


Could you help cover their costs by sponsoring one of our long term foster cats for £x a month or a one off yearly payment of £x per year?  

Sponsors receive a pack with a photo etc of your sponsor cat 

Sponsoring a cat is an ideal gift for a cat lover etc

What's included in your sponsorship

With your sponsorship you will receive our welcome pack including sponsor’s certificate, photos, key facts about your cat and other goodies.  We’ll keep you updated monthly with their journey including games they love to play, food of the month and updates on how they have developed and changed.

Meet Belle 



Hi, I'm a sassy 6 year old tortie girl.  I was saved from the streets and had a tail injury which led to having my tail amputated. I have urinary incontinence which means sometimes I leave wet patches where I have been lying down. I take regular medication to control this.  I'm happy in my foster home especially when we play ball which is my favourite toy.

Why not sponsor me today to get updates on whether my ball skills develop!!

Meet Benny 

I'm an FIV+ boy. I had a hard life on the streets and have lots of old scars on my eyes which have caused visual impairment. I'm told i am approximately 12 years old, but now i have a loving home I feel a lot younger.

I now love living indoors and have mastered using the litter tray.  I'm told i am a good boy who loves strokes and eating!

Why not sponsor me and say hi, I would love some new friends


Meet Steve 

I'm 10 years old.  I was living in a old barn on a farm. Sadly my owners of the farm passed away and I was taken into care.


I was a very unhappy boy who suffered from entropion where my eyelids rubbed on my eyes causing scratches and conjunctivitis. It was a painful condition and I had eye surgery to lift my eye lids to make me more comfortable and to improve my vision.

I was then diagnosed with ear disease which makes my ears very itchy and uncomfortable. I now have monthly steroid injection for this.


Since my surgery and regular steroids, I have become much happier and have adapted to indoor living. I love home comforts, I've recently discovered comfy beds, and open fire places.  I love being warm and of course my food


I have become a very friendly cuddly boy, why not sponsor me to get updates on how I progress


Meet Truffles 

Hi I'm Truffles, I was found on a feral colony when I was a young kitten. It quickly became apparent that something wasn’t quite right with me as I was smaller than the other kittens, growing less quickly and had breathing difficulties.


I was diagnosed with flat chested kitten syndrome. This condition is usually fatal and I didn't expect to survive. Three years on, I am now thriving and living my best life, like any other cat. I go for regular vet check ups to ensure my condition is monitored and my health is maintained 

You can sponsor me and get regular updates on how I am


Meet Marmalade 

I'm Marmalade and I'm 13 years old. I came to the charity originally as a stray, I went to a lovely home, however due to a change to family circumstances, my owners were unable to care for me anymore so I returned to the charity.   


I was diagnosed with kidney disease. I am now on a delicious renal diet and take medication to slow the progression of my  illness.  I also have a heart murmur and i take medication for this too.

I love playing and snuggles on the sofa.

Why not sponsor me and get regular updates on my journey in life


Meet Billy 

I'm Billy, l am  FIV and have a tumour on my left front leg which has been diagnosed as feline progressive dendritic cell histiocytosis.  


The tumour was not able to be completely removed and will spread slowly over months-years, usually externally and appear elsewhere on the skin but it can also be found in my internal organs too such as lungs, liver, spleen etc. .


I'm living life as best as I can, I have a great home and love the cuddles and love that I get.  I love my food and playing

I have to be checked regularly and if any tumours appear then the vets attempt to remove them

Sponsor me for regular updates 


Meet George 

Hi, I'm George.  I spent most of my life outside doing the rounds of neighbours in the area where I lived. They fed and kept an eye on me . However I was pulled in by Cat Action Trust at the age of 16 after developing health problems and my age .


I had my teeth fixed but I also had problems with a deformed and on going ear infection 


When I came they were uncertain how long I would survive but  were happy just to give me a warm, loving, safe home for however long that would be . That was 4 years ago !


I'm enjoying life . I love being indoors especially lying on the back of my dad’s chair.  


I have to have my ears cleaned daily and have regular visits to the vets

Sponsor me today for regular updates of my journey


Meet Reggie 

I came into Cat Action Trusts care at the beginning of 2022 after my previous owner could no longer take care of me.

I had an undiagnosed illness which made me drink a large amount of water, up to 1200mls a day and I was constantly toileting.

After investigating, it was found I had a rare condition called Diabetes Insipidus which increases thirst and weeing as my body is unable to process water.

Several months of trial and error with different medications, dosages and special food, I'm in a stable place.

I'm a boisterous three year old, who loves exploring the fields around my long term foster home, and showing the rest of the resident cats and dog who's boss

Sponsor me today to see what mischief I'm up to


Meet Murphy 

I came to my fulltime foster home as a feral kitten from a large colony and I was hand reared. I have full trust in my fosterer but still untrusting and nervous around other people,


I was diagnosed with FIP which used to always be a fatal disease. More recently, scientists have developed a cure for FIP through the use of antiviral medication. I currently take oral antiviral tablets to treat my condition and have regular vet visits to check for inflammation in my body and to drain fluid in my lungs. My treatment is very expensive but it's keeping me alive

I look forward to sending you my regular updates


Meet Tommy 


Hi I'm Tommy, CAT ACTION TRUST found me wandering the streets with a nasty head wound where other cats were bullying me. I was very dirty and covered in scabs. I was very nervous and shy at first but I received a lot of love and TLC and now I have lots of confidence.


I suffer from arthritis and have to take monthly injections to keep me happy and comfortable. I love giving cuddles and relaxing.  My favourite things are eating, sleeping and purring but i do love the odd adventure around the home.

Please sponsor me today to not only help fund my treatment but receive regular updates on my adventures.


Meet Theo


Hi, I'm Theo, I started life as a stray with a kind member of the public feeding me. I came to CAT ACTION TRUST with undiagnosed health problems. 


Vets investigated and concluded that as well as cat flu and conjunctivitis I was FIV.  I therefore has to take regular antibiotics and steroids to keep me happy


I'm told I am a good eater and I am maintaining my weight.  I take the saying 'food is life' a little too seriously!


I enjoy chin tickles and gentle stroking. 

Sponsor me today to receive regular updates

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